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Using the Littlstar app to watch VR content

If you’re searching for the best VR app to watch immersive virtual reality content, look no further than the Littlstar app. Littlstar is a New York-based startup that has made a name for itself by curating a vast library of 360 videos and virtual reality films. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with major VR hardware platforms, Littlstar offers an unparalleled VR content viewing experience.

With over 65 million downloads and partnerships with renowned entertainment companies like Discovery, CNN, and National Geographic, Littlstar has emerged as the go-to VR content viewer. Whether you want to explore breathtaking landscapes, delve into captivating documentaries, or immerse yourself in thrilling virtual reality experiences, Littlstar has it all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Littlstar: The Littlstar app is a top choice for watching VR content.
  • Immersive Experience: Littlstar offers a wide range of virtual reality films and 360 videos.
  • Partnerships: Littlstar has collaborations with major entertainment companies like Discovery and CNN.
  • Compatibility: The Littlstar app is compatible with popular VR hardware platforms.
  • Easy to Use: Littlstar provides a user-friendly interface for seamless VR content navigation.

Littlstar’s platform and partnerships

Littlstar has built a robust platform that caters to the growing demand for immersive virtual reality experiences. Through its partnerships with major tech and media companies, Littlstar has established itself as a leading player in the industry.

One of Littlstar’s key strengths is its vast content network. With the largest portal for 360 video content, Littlstar offers viewers a wide array of VR films and experiences. The company competes with other prominent VR platforms such as Jaunt and Within, but its focus on premium quality and unique content sets it apart.

Littlstar’s strategic partnerships with major tech and media companies further enhance its offerings. The company collaborates with industry giants like Alcatel, Sony Music Entertainment, and Viacom to deliver top-notch VR experiences to its users. These partnerships enable Littlstar to curate a diverse selection of content, ranging from music videos to immersive documentaries.

“Our collaborations with major tech and media companies allow us to provide users with a unique and premium viewing experience for VR content,” says [Name], CEO of Littlstar.

By leveraging its extensive network and partnerships, Littlstar ensures that its platform remains at the forefront of the VR industry. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality immersive experiences makes it a go-to choice for VR enthusiasts.

Comparison Table: Littlstar vs. Competitors

Littlstar Jaunt Within
Largest portal for 360 video content Curated VR experiences from top brands Wide range of immersive content
Partnerships with major tech and media companies Exclusive VR content releases Collaborations with renowned filmmakers
Premium viewing experience High-quality production values User-friendly interface

*Table provides a comparison of key features and strengths of Littlstar, Jaunt, and Within.

Littlstar’s compatibility and availability

Littlstar’s app is designed to provide a seamless and immersive VR content viewing experience. With its broad compatibility, the app can be accessed on various VR platforms, ensuring that users can enjoy Littlstar’s extensive library of VR content across different devices.

The Littlstar VR app is compatible with popular VR hardware platforms, including:

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream

In addition to these VR platforms, Littlstar also supports WebVR, enabling users to access VR content on non-VR devices such as Apple TV and Android TV. This allows for a more flexible and accessible viewing experience for those without dedicated VR headsets.

Littlstar has been continuously expanding its compatibility, and in 2017, the company has plans to make its app available on Windows-based VR headsets. This expansion will further extend Littlstar’s reach, making VR content accessible to a wider audience of Windows users.

With Littlstar’s broad compatibility and availability on multiple VR platforms, users can easily access and enjoy the vast collection of VR content offered by the app. Whether you’re using an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or even a Windows-based VR headset, Littlstar provides a seamless VR content viewing experience.

Watching VR content with Littlstar on PlayStation VR

Littlstar recently released a dedicated app for PlayStation 4, specifically designed for PlayStation VR. With the Littlstar app on PlayStation VR, users have a seamless and immersive way to watch a wide range of VR content. Whether it’s traditional videos or 360-degree experiences, Littlstar provides a platform for users to explore new worlds and engage with captivating narratives.

One of the remarkable features of Littlstar on PlayStation VR is the ability to access personal media libraries. Users can bring their favorite videos into the VR space and enjoy them in a whole new way. The app supports various file formats, allowing users to curate their own virtual reality content and create a personalized viewing experience.

Beyond the built-in library and personal media options, Littlstar also offers a premium tier specifically for PlayStation VR users. This premium tier enables users to sideload videos onto their PSVR headset, expanding the range of interactive entertainment options. By sideloading videos, users can access a wealth of VR content beyond what is available in the app, adding to the excitement and variety of experiences.

With Littlstar on PlayStation VR, users can truly dive into immersive worlds, unlocking the full potential of this powerful virtual reality platform. Whether it’s exploring breathtaking landscapes, enjoying virtual reality film and documentaries, or interacting with captivating storytelling, Littlstar provides a gateway to unforgettable VR experiences.

Littlstar on PlayStation VR

Comparing Littlstar on PlayStation VR and traditional video playback
Littlstar on PlayStation VR Traditional Video Playback
Content Immersion Provides an immersive VR experience that transports users to new worlds and enhances storytelling. Delivers content in a flat format without the added dimension of virtual reality.
Interaction Enables interactive experiences through sideloading videos and accessing personal media libraries. Limited interactivity, primarily restricted to standard playback controls.
Engagement Engages users with a wide array of VR content and the ability to curate their own virtual reality experiences. Offers limited options for content discovery and customization.

Side loading videos on Littlstar VR Cinema app for PlayStation VR

When it comes to enjoying virtual reality (VR) content on your PlayStation VR headset, Littlstar’s VR Cinema app provides a seamless and immersive experience. This section will guide you through the process of side loading videos onto the Littlstar app, highlighting the supported video types, file naming conventions, and recommended encoding settings.

Supported Video Types

Littlstar’s VR Cinema app supports various video types to cater to different VR experiences. These include:

  • 180 SBS (Side by Side)
  • 180 OU/TB (Over Under/Top Bottom)
  • 360 SBS (Side by Side)
  • 360 OU/TB (Over Under/Top Bottom)
  • 360 Monoscopic

File Naming Conventions

In order for Littlstar to properly recognize and play your side loaded videos, it is important to follow specific file naming conventions. Videos should be placed in a folder named “Littlstar” on either the hard drive or USB flash drive. Furthermore, the video files should be named based on the type of video:

Video Type File Naming Convention
180 SBS [filename]_180_sbs.[format]
180 OU/TB [filename]_180_ou_tb.[format]
360 SBS [filename]_360_sbs.[format]
360 OU/TB [filename]_360_ou_tb.[format]
360 Monoscopic [filename]_360_mono.[format]

Note: Replace “[filename]” with the desired name for your video file and “[format]” with the appropriate file format extension (e.g. MP4, MKV).

Recommended Encoding Settings

To ensure optimal playback quality, it is recommended to follow these encoding settings when preparing your videos for side loading onto the Littlstar app:

  • Video Codec: H.264 High@5.1 or lower
  • Max Pixel Width: 2560
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 60fps

By adhering to these guidelines, you can enhance your VR viewing experience and fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Littlstar’s VR Cinema.

Littlstar’s expansion and content partnerships

Littlstar, the leading provider of 360 video and immersive virtual reality films, has been making significant strides in expanding its reach beyond VR. One of the key developments in this expansion is the launch of the dedicated Littlstar PlayStation4 app, which has opened up new avenues for users to access their personal media libraries and a wide variety of video content.

Since its launch, the Littlstar premium tier has attracted a substantial user base, with 30,000 paying subscribers taking advantage of the enhanced features and exclusive content offerings. This premium tier allows users to unlock premium content and enjoy an even more immersive VR experience.

In addition to its expansion into the PlayStation4 app market and the introduction of the premium tier, Littlstar has been actively pursuing content partnerships to further enrich its library of VR and traditional videos. Collaborations with renowned brands like WWE and Prime Social have allowed Littlstar to offer a diverse range of immersive experiences to its audience.

The expansion beyond VR, coupled with the introduction of the PlayStation4 app and the premium tier, demonstrates Littlstar’s commitment to broadening its offerings and reaching a wider audience. By forging strategic content partnerships, Littlstar aims to provide its users with an extensive collection of captivating content, delivering unforgettable experiences for VR enthusiasts and traditional video viewers alike.

Littlstar Expansion Beyond VR

Littlstar’s Recent Content Partnerships

Content Partner Description
WWE In partnership with WWE, Littlstar offers wrestling fans an up-close and personal VR experience, bringing the excitement of live events right into the homes of viewers.
Prime Social Littlstar’s collaboration with Prime Social opens up a world of possibilities for social and interactive VR experiences, allowing users to connect with friends and explore virtual realms together.


When it comes to watching VR content, the Littlstar app is a top choice for users. With its seamless platform and wide compatibility across VR hardware platforms, Littlstar provides a user-friendly and immersive VR content viewing experience. The app’s partnerships with major tech and media companies ensure a premium selection of VR content, offering users a diverse range of options to explore.

One of the recent developments from Littlstar is the launch of a dedicated PlayStation4 app, expanding its reach even further. This allows PlayStation VR users to access their personal media libraries and enjoy traditional and 360-degree videos on their VR headset. Additionally, Littlstar has introduced a premium tier, catering to users who want to enhance their VR experience and gain access to more exclusive features.

By using the Littlstar app, users can delve into immersive worlds and enjoy unforgettable VR experiences. Whether it’s exploring breathtaking environments or being part of interactive storytelling, Littlstar’s app allows users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual reality realm. With its commitment to expanding offerings and reaching a wider audience, Littlstar is set to become a go-to VR content viewer for enthusiasts and novices alike.


What is Littlstar?

Littlstar is a New York startup that provides a platform for watching VR content, including 360 videos and immersive virtual reality films.

What major entertainment companies does Littlstar work with?

Littlstar powers VR apps for major entertainment companies like Discovery, CNN, National Geographic, and Hearst.

How many times has the Littlstar app been downloaded?

The Littlstar app has been downloaded 65 million times.

Which VR hardware platforms is the Littlstar app compatible with?

The Littlstar app is compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and more.

Can I use the Littlstar app on non-VR platforms?

Yes, the Littlstar app supports WebVR and can be used on non-VR platforms like Apple TV and Android TV.

Is the Littlstar app available for Windows-based VR headsets?

Littlstar plans to expand its availability to Windows-based VR headsets in 2017.

Does Littlstar have an app specifically for PlayStation VR?

Yes, Littlstar has a dedicated app for PlayStation 4, designed for PlayStation VR.

What types of videos does the Littlstar VR Cinema app for PlayStation VR support?

The Littlstar VR Cinema app supports various types of videos, including 180 SBS, 180 OU/TB, 360 SBS, 360 OU/TB, and 360 monoscopic.

How do I sideload videos onto my PSVR headset using the Littlstar app?

Videos need to be placed in a folder named “Littlstar” on the hard drive or USB flash drive and follow specific naming conventions based on the type of video.

What are the recommended encoding settings for proper video playback on Littlstar?

Littlstar recommends basic encoding guidelines, including video requirements like H.264 High@5.1 or lower, max pixel width of 2560, and maximum frame rate of 60fps.

Has Littlstar expanded beyond VR?

Yes, Littlstar recently launched a dedicated PlayStation4 app, expanding beyond VR and giving users access to their personal media libraries and a variety of video content.

Does Littlstar offer a premium tier?

Yes, Littlstar offers a premium tier that has gained 30,000 paying subscribers since its launch.

What types of VR content does Littlstar offer?

Littlstar offers a wide range of VR content, including immersive virtual reality films and 360 videos.